Bob Piks

President / Sr. Business Development Consultant


Level Of Experience:

  • Former regional sales manager for a division of a major national company.
  • Vast experience on both the corporate and agency side of sales and marketing.
  • Possesses a diversity of knowledge from 30+ years of creating, developing, supervising and managing programs in areas such as customer service, operations, public relations, marketing, advertising, and sales.


  • Graduate of The University of Akron where he studied psychology, business administration and social science.

Professional Contributions:

  • Served for several years as president of his local American Advertising Federation chapter.
  • Accepted numerous invitations to conduct workshops and perform as a guest speaker, including frequent classroom visits to provide guidance to college students studying in the field of communications. 
  • Provided information for many news articles related to his profession.
  • Became a volunteer member of the board of directors of his region’s American Red Cross chapter, was an interim chair of their Communications Committee, and headed their subcommittee that contributes to the development of their direct mail campaign. 

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Increased a large corporation’s regional customer base by 30% in a one-year period.
  • Improved customer response rates by over 10% in a one-month period for a major service provider.
  • Developed a program that resulted in an unprecedented level of service personnel being promoted.
  • Elevated revenue in a division of a local company by 15% in only a three-month period.