To Navigate Rough Seas, You Need An Uncommon Vessel

As the creator of a model we call Multi-Impact Promotional Marketing, All Aboard Promotions has become the “SOS Call” for many businesses and organizations who’ve reached a critical point in their quest to increase revenue.

When you reach that NOW point, the turnaround can begin immediately with these steps: 

  • Looking in the right places to form new messages that can actually change buyer behavior.
  • Delivering them actively vs. passively, on more direct paths to potential clients.
  • Increasing impact by utilizing diverse categories of promotional activities simultaneously.   

The MIPM model even has a carefully-selected mix of simple, practical tried-and-true promotional marketing strategies already prepared for you.  You just need to find activities in each category that are the best matches for the way you operate.  Some activities can even pay for themselves, while the message can keep traveling for years.  And some can even be executed as part of your routine, daily activities. 

Companies of every size, industry, or budget category can operate within this model.  Groups of companies or organizations in a common area can be promoted collectively and share audiences.   Unrelated entities with similar goals can be cross promoted.  Plus, the model naturally brings forth some long term promotional planning tools with virtually no additional cost or effort.

This didn’t evolve overnight.  It has actually taken quite a few years to analyze enough angles to completely develop this model.   Why did we do it?  Because nearly every company and organization we’ve ever worked with has asked for ways to focus every dollar they spend right now on boosting current revenue. 

Transform yourself from an Awareness Builder into a Sales Driver today.

Let’s get you started  !!